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As we all know technology is always advancing. Everyday new discoveries are made which change and evolve the way we use service like telecommunication and internet. The latest technology which is being used in the telecommunication industry is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In layman terms this means that your business makes & receives its phone calls through the internet.

VoIP consists of a Client/Server relationship, the client could either be software installed on the computer (Softphone) or a Hardware device. Most people think that by switching to VoIP they will need to replace their outdated telephone handsets. In some circumstance it may be ideal to replace this outdated hardware but VoIP has taken in mind that people are still using analogue systems and have designed hardware components to integrate traditional analogue hardware with new VoIP environments. Devices such as these are referred to as Analogue telephone adapters (ATA) and are most suited for Traditional Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) handsets or regular telephones.

This might leave business users thinking what about their traditional PABX phone system. Not to worry you have also been taken in mind and devices such as Analogue to VoIP Gateways which offer an interface to connect your tradational phone system to a VOIP network.

Another question we are often asked is "Can I keep my business phone number as losing this would be devastating to my business?" The simple answer to this question is YES, VoIP is now a mainstream telecommunication technology. This means that it has now been integrated with existing phone network allowing us to have regular telephone service through VoIP.

At Open Gateway we strive to provide the best telecommunications solutions by utilizing VoIP technology, with years of experience integrating both existing and new phone system environments to VoIP. Call us today for free consultation. Find out what a VOIP solution looks like for your business environment and more aobut the benefits it can provide you.

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