What is Cloud & Hosting ?

Every day we hear more and more about Cloud and Hosting services. Most people ask what the Cloud is; the simple way to think of the Cloud is services which are hosted in data centres allowing resource pooling and mobility access. This means being able to access your IT & T resources & Infrastructure from where ever you are whenever you want via your Broadband connection.

Another Question which may pop in to your head is it secure?

Yes if use a reputable supplier like Open Gateway who incorporates years of Learning and experience using cloud technology. By incorporating best practice and proactive threat management, cloud service can be as safe and secure as having your own internal infrastructure.

But the cloud does not just only provide flexibility & Security of accessing your information technology and telecommunication services and resources it also offer cost efficiency by lowering initial and ongoing capital required to set up and maintain IT & T business environments.

This also means maintenance and management of back end core infrastructure is also shifted from being you responsibility to someone else’s why you reap the rewards of a functioning IT Environment via the Cloud

So what is some of the business critical functionality I could outsource to Open Gateway via the cloud?

Some potential services include:

• Email
• Phone System
• Web hosting
• Domain Management
• File Storage and Sharing
• Intranet or Extranet
• Physical or Virtual Servers
& Much More

At Open Gateway we provide Cloud and Hosting solutions by utilizing the best and latest technology vendors, with years of experience setting up and integrating both existing and new Technology into business environments. Call us today for free consultation. Find out what a Cloud & Hosting solution looks like for your business environment and more about the benefits it can provide you while saving money.

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