Hardware Warranty

Open Gateway Provides a diverse range of Hardware vendors in order to provide a satisfactory solution to our clients. Due to this there is also a diverse range of applicable warranty periods and terms and conditions.

Under the Competition and Consumers Act you are Entitled to this Warranty.

Your product comes with a limited warranty that will vary in length depending upon the brand and model of product you have bought and the relevant warranty period and terms and conditions relate specifically to the product and vendor.

To identify the correct warranty information that relates to your product please see the below page on our website which list our applicable hardware vendors to obtain and source this information:


In the event you have selected to purchase refurbished hardware from Open Gateway then Your product comes with a limited 30 day replacement warranty subject to the below:

1. Hardware is not deemed to be damaged or faulting due to miss use.

2. Hardware has not been damaged by water or fire.

3. Hardware is faulty and no other third party causes are found to be apparent.