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Open Gateway is happy to announce that we are now an Authorised Xero© Seller.

Xero© is a fully featured cloud accounting software already adopted by many businesses. Xero© takes the hassle out of having to purchase, manage and maintain an in house accounting software to ensure your business meets its financial requirements. Xero© being a cloud service means that you can access your software from any internet browser with a working internet connection. Your data will always be available at your finger tips and on the go, meaning you are free to move around and work from where ever you need.

Xero© also provides a Tablet and Mobile app meaning you can also work from all your devices.

With Open Gateway by your side we further take the hassle out of Xero© by assisting you in the sales process through to addition into your business environment.

If you are interested in finding out more please call customer service on 02 9016 4440 or email [email protected]

Alternatively you may contact us through our contact for located below:

Google Apps Authorised Reseller

Open Gateway is happy to announce that we are now an authorised Google apps reseller. If you have existing Google business apps or looking to migrate to Google business apps and are looking for a capable reseller to take ownership, look no further than Open Gateway. We are also able to transfer existing Google apps setups...
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Our New Facebook Page

We have launched our new Facebook page. If you would like to assist in support us please feel free to head over to our Facebook page at the below link: In return from time to time we will be posting information on how to better manage your Information Technology and Telecommunication systems to enhance further business potential....
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Comcom Member 2014

Open Gateway is happy to announce that we have met the CommCom 2014 compliance standards and are now a official registered member of CommCom. Communications Compliance is an independent compliance monitoring body established under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code C628:2012. Its role is overseeing the conduct of the TCP Code Compliance Framework. The TCP Code was...
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IT Support Outsource Benefits

What is outsourcing of IT Support? Outsourcing of IT Support means moving support of your IT infrastructure, desktops and end users to an external organisation. By outsourcing you IT Support you can ensure the below will be achieved: Reduce or Remove cost involved Hiring and Training IT Staff. As we know hiring and training IT staff can be...
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What is Cloud & Hosting ?

Every day we hear more and more about Cloud and Hosting services. Most people ask what the Cloud is; the simple way to think of the Cloud is services which are hosted in data centres allowing resource pooling and mobility access. This means being able to access your IT & T resources & Infrastructure from...
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Latest Technology VoIP

As we all know technology is always advancing. Everyday new discoveries are made which change and evolve the way we use service like telecommunication and internet. The latest technology which is being used in the telecommunication industry is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In layman terms this means that your business makes & receives its...
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